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Lotus Radiance Kanchi Pattu Silk Saree

Lotus Radiance Kanchi Pattu Silk Saree

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Immerse yourself in the resplendent allure of this meticulously crafted masterpiece in Golden-Pink Dual Tone Kanchi Pattu Silk Saree. The intricate lotus weave, adorned in a mesmerizing interplay of golden and pink hues, whispers tales of grace and sophistication.

Elevate your ethnic wardrobe with the sheer opulence of Kanchi Pattu Silk, designed to make every moment a celebration. Embrace the legacy of fine craftsmanship and redefine your style with this luxurious ensemble.

Explore the allure of Lotus Radiance—where tradition and beauty unite seamlessly. The saree comes with a magenta color blouse piece in brocade attached to saree. Color may vary a little due to different screen resolution.

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