About Us

SareeBari: Weaving Dreams, Empowering Artisans"

At SareeBari India, our journey began with a deep-rooted connection to our cultural heritage and a passion for preserving the art of saree weaving. Growing up in Tatanagar, where India's first steel plant stood tall, we were surrounded by the beauty and significance of sarees in our traditional Bengali family. Sarees were not merely pieces of fabric; they were cherished heirlooms passed down through generations, representing the rich tapestry of our lives.

In a world where hand-weaving and organic processes have faded away, we recognized the importance of reviving this ancient craft. India's master weavers possess unparalleled skill and creativity, producing sarees that are truly works of art. With an abundance of organic textiles, we embarked on a mission to showcase India's finest hand-woven sarees to women across the globe. Weaving, to us, is a mindful process that breathes life into each thread, creating a harmonious masterpiece.

SareeBari India is more than just a business; it is a socio-commercial start-up with a vision to uplift and empower weaver-families whose livelihoods are at risk. By promoting and marketing their exquisite creations, we aim to generate sustainable employment opportunities. Our weavers blend traditional spinning and hand-weaving techniques, crafting unique and environmentally-friendly masterpieces. We believe that everyone has their own dreams to weave, and through SareeBari, we empower both artisans and wearers to bring those dreams to life.